On-spot assistance and repair 24-7


Need a jump start, we will get u back on your feet


Lost your keys or locked them inside. Let our expert lock smiths help you out.


Our technicians will replace your vehicle's flat tyre with your spare. In case you do not have enough spare tyre(s), we will get them repaired from the nearest tyre repair shop.


Towing facility to the nearest work station will be provided to your vehicle


2 litres of fuel can be supplied anytime, anyplace (with additional charges)


Common and technical doubts. just give our experts a call


Immediate assistance for any and all undesired accidents


In case your vehicle requires towing, we can make arrangements for a cab to get you to a convenient spot (up to Rs 500 thrice a year).


During towing period arrangements can be made to the nearest suitable hotel for accomodations


  • A4AUTO.COM will provide its services across Kerala except Idukki.
  • In case the vehicle runs out of fuel, A4AUTO.COM will arrange up to 2 liters of fuel on actuals.
  • This Roadside Assistance package is applicable only to Private/Non-Commercial vehicles that are less than 10 years old.
  • It is recommended to paste the sticker on the covered vehicle and present the card to avail the services.
  • In case of a flat tyre, A4AUTO.COM will replace the tyre with the spare tyre. In case of multiple tyre punctures or a tyre burst, A4AUTO.COM will get the tyre fixed from the nearest tyre repair shop.Extraneous charges will be borne by the customer.
  • This Roadside Assistance package is applicable on the 'covered vehicle' only for a period of 1, 2 or 4 year(s) (depending on the type of plan) from the date of activation.
  • In the event of a major breakdown, as long as the said fault can be rectified on-site within 1 hour, the technician will proceed to the site with preliminary support to the vehicle.
  • In case on-site repair is not feasible, A4AUTO.COM will tow the vehicle to the nearest workshop.
  • In case the vehicle's keys are lost or damaged, A4AUTO.COM will get the keys from customer's residence after furnishing relevant identification documents. If the keys cannot be replaced, customer will have to arrange for another set of keys at his own costs and efforts. To avoid misuse, this service is highly restricted and is applicable within the city limits.
  • All consumables such as spare parts and lubricants are chargeable.
  • Estimate time for arrival is 45 minutes within the city and 120 minutes for outskirts. ETA will increase in case of Force Majeure events.
  • If the Covered Vehicle does not start due to a discharged battery, A4AUTO.COM will jumpstart the vehicle.
  • In case of key lockout, the technician will make best efforts to get the key out of the vehicle using regular measures or he will break the glass with customer 창s consent to get the keys.
  • In case of incorrect fuelling, A4AUTO.COM will either empty the tank or tow the vehicle to the nearest workshop.
  • Services can be refused on account of misrepresentation, malicious intent, abusive behavior or refusal to adhere to Terms and Conditions.

Select a plan that is right for you

VALIDITY 1Year 1 Year
PRICE (Inclusive of taxes) INR 1499 INR 2499
Common Roadside Assistance Services Coverage Radius for Repair on spot services only Unlimited
Number of Services 4 6
Breakdown support over phone inclusive of taxes yes
On-site minor repair yes yes
Replacement keys (Up to 15 Kms) no yes
Locked / lost Keys yes yes
Battery Jumpstart yes yes
Fuel delivery yes yes
Faulty fuel drain out No yes
Towing Assistance Maximum Towing Covered Distance (Mechanical/ Electrical/Accidental) 20 Km 40 Km
No. of towing instances covered 1 2
Customer Service Taxi service for landing point No Upto INR 500 thrice a year
Medical coordination yes yes
Hotel Accommodation Facilitated Facilitated
Customer Satisfaction Survey yes yes
Door-step vehicle insurance yes yes
Seating Capacity upto 12 / luxury vehicle yes yes
This vehicle is certified by a4auto.com