Simple Quiz

What is the legal parking distance from the Kerb?

 45 centimeters
 40 centimeters
 55 centimeters
 50 centimeters

How close to a junction can you park?

 10 meter
 8 meter
 5 meter
 6 meter

What is the national general speed limit?

 80 K.P.H. for cars
 60 K.P.H. for cars
 120 K.P.H. for cars
  100 K.P.H. for cars

What is the Motorway speed limit?

 50 K.P.H
  120 K.P.H
 100 K.P.H
 80 K.P.H

What is the acceptable tyre thread depth?

 1.6mm Min
 1.8mm Min
 1.3mm Min
 1.7mm Min

What is the shortest distance from a stop sign that a vehicle may be parked?

 15 meters
 5 meters
 7 meters
 10 meters

What should the left-hand lane of a motorway be used for?

 Vehicles doing the minimum speed limit
  Overtaking traffic in the middle lane
  Normal driving
 Breakdowns only

Excessive or uneven tyre wear can be caused by faults in which of the following?

 The braking system
 Wheel alignment
  The suspension
 All the above

An injured motorcyclist is lying unconscious in the road. You should always

 remove the safety helmet
 move the person off the road
 seek medical assistance
 remove the leather jacket

While you intend to take a right or left turn first you have to do in following sequence:

 Gear - mirror - signal
 Signal - gear - mirror
 Mirror - gear - signal

Your engine catches fire. What should you do first?

  Lift the bonnet and warn other traffic
 Call the fire brigade
 Call a breakdown service
 Lift the bonnet and disconnect the battery

You are signaling to turn right in busy traffic.How would you confirm you intention safely?

 Sound the horn
 Give an arm signal
 Flash your headlights

You have a collision while driving through a tunnel. You are not injured but your vehicle cannot be driven. What should you do FIRST?

  Rely on other drivers phoning for the police
 Take the names of witnesses and other drivers
 Sweep up any debris that is in the road
 Switch off the engine and switch on hazard lights

You can overtake a vehicle in front?

 Through the right side of that vehicle
 Through the left side
 Through the left side, if the road is wide
 All the above

In a road without footpath, the pedestrians

 Should walk on the left side of the road
 Should walk on the right side of the road
 May walk on either side of the road

Free passage should be given to the following types of vehicles

 Police vehicles.
 Ambulance and fire service vehicles
 Express, Super Express buses

Vehicles proceeding from opposite direction should be allowed to pass through …

 Your right side
 Your left side
 The convenient side

Zebra lines are meant for..

 Stopping vehicle
 Pedestrians crossing
 For giving preference to vehicle

Red traffic light indicates ..

 Vehicle can proceed with caution.
 Stop the vehicle.
 Slow down

Where the slippery road sign is seen on the road, the driver shall

 Reduce the speed by changing the gear
 Apply brake
 Proceed in the same speed

Overtaking is prohibited in following circumstances

 When it is likely to cause inconvenience or danger to other traffic
 During night
 When the vehicle in front is reducing speed

Use of horn prohibited

 Mosque, Church and Temple
 Near Hospital, Courts of Law
 Near Police Station

When fuel is filled in a vehicle

 Shall not check air pressure
 Shall not smoke
 Shall not use any light of the vehicle

Records of a private vehicle are

 Registration Certificate, G.C.R., Insurance Certificate
 Registration Certificate, Permit, Trip Sheet
 Registration certificate., Insurance Certificate, Tax Token, Driving Licence

While you are driving with the head light in high beam during night,a vehicle approaches from

 Proceed keeping to the left
 Put the head light in dim and bright alternatively several times
 Dim the head light till the vehicle passes

Minimum age for getting a licence to drive motor cycle without gear

 18 years
 22 years
 16 years

To Signal while taking U-turn

 Left turn signal
 Right turn signal
 Slow down signal

Minimum age for obtaining driving licence for transport vehicles

 25 years
 20 years
 18 years

While you are approaching an intersection where the yellow signal light is blinking, you should

 As there is no restriction, proceed at the same speed
 Stop the vehicle and wait for the green light to appear
 Slow down the vehicle and proceed only after ensuring that it is safe to do so

What is "Tailgating"?

 Driving too close behind a vehicle in a dangerous manner.
 Keeping safe distance from the vehicle ahead regulating the speed proportionately.
 Keeping a distance of at least 7 meters from the vehicle ahead.

A vehicle can be seized by authorised officers,if

 The vehicle is not covered by a valid registration or permit
 The vehicle is not covered by a valid insurance
 The vehicle exceeds the speed limit

If drunken driving is detected, the driver is liable to be punished with…

 Imprisonment which may extent to 6 months or Rs.2000/- as fine or both
 2 years rigorous imprisonment
 Imprisonment which may extent to 1 year or fine up to Rs.4000/- or both

If the road is marked with broken white lines, you …

 Shall not change track.
 Shall stop the vehicle.
 Can change track if required.

Maximum permissible speed of a motor cycle

 No Limit
 50 Km/hr
 60 Km/hr

You are overtaking a car at night. You must ensure that

 you do not dazzle other road users
 you flash head lamps before overtaking
 your rear fog lights are switched on

While descending, press

 Clutch first then brake
 Brake first then clutch
 Clutch & brake simultaneously

The major constituent from the exhaust of diesel driven vehicle is

 Carbon di-oxide
 Carbon monoxide
 Sulphur dioxide

Park your vehicle at safe place before accepting a cell phone call while on drive because

  It may create interference in communication
 You do not loose control on your vehicle
 This is mandatory only on highways

Road signs in circles are


Road signs in triangles are


At a collision you suspect a casualty has back injuries. The area is safe. You should

 Offer them a drink
 Not move them
 Raise the legs.

Be extra cautious while overtaking

 â€˜L’ mark vehicles
 Slow speed vehicles
 Light vehicles

Your overall stopping distance will be much longer when driving

 In rain
 In fog
 At night

How many types of Road Signs are there


A bus at the bus stop signals the intent of moving off, you will

 Slow down and give way
 Speed past it
 Flash lights and go past the bus

The first thing that alcohol affects is


While driving you approach a large puddle that is close to left hand kerb.Pedestrians are close to the water.

 Brake suddenly and sound your horn
 Slow down before the puddle and try to avoid splashing the pedestrians
 Wave at the pedestrians to keep back

Which of the following may help to deter a thief from stealing your car?

 Always keep the headlights on
 Always keeping the interior light on
 Etching the registration number on the windows

Which of these statement is true?

 Vehicular traffic has right over and above pedestrians on the road
 Pedestrians have special rights on zebra crossing only
 Pedestrains being vulnerable must get right of way on any part of the road

While overtaking two wheelers, you should

 Squeeze them on road to get more space
 Leave as much room as you would for a car
 Cross them very closely