Celebrities and their attraction to fancy vehicle numbers has always been an age old story. The actors are ready to shell out huge amounts for a fancy number plate. Rising Superstar – Pritviraj is no exception either, the young actor just spent Rs 50,000 INR for the number plate – KL-7-BX-7777 for his new Porsche. He was seen waiting for over an hour at the RTO for this exact number. He is also known for a similar incident when he had spent Rs 3,oo,ooo INR for the number plate KL-7-BN-1

Megastar Mammooty is not only a record breaker at the box office but also in the automobile field. We all know the mollywood superstar has a collection of luxury and expensive cars, but it would come as a surprise to anyone to know the fact that he has over 369 cars. Yes, you heard it correct. The actor has all his car’s number plate as 369 and on top of that has also added the same number of vehicles.

There was never a doubt that the Captain of the Indian cricket team – the Youth Icon himself, the most eligible bachelor in India, Virat Kohli is a fan of the hunchback. The latest edition to his garage is none other than the four wheel Toyota Fortuner. The latest beast is still yet to feature in Indian roads.(a4auto celebraty car)

After the hype of his program – Sathyamev Jayathe, Mr perfectionalist – Aamir Khan now drives the streets of Mumbai in his fully secured, bomb proof Mercedes S600 Benz. The cost of all security measures is believed to have rounded up to Rs 10 Crore INR.

The tinsel town is filled with celebs with an addiction to the four wheels. Latest in this category is none other than the Desi Girl herself – Priyanka Chopra who even has the rare Rolly Royce to her collection of Porche’s and Audi’s