BS Standard Rates For Automobile

BS stands for Bharat Stage. It is an emission control standard implemented by the Central Pollution Control Board of India.  In later developments the government of India has decided to ensure BS4 engines to new manufacturing vehicles. The advan... Continue reading

Features Needed For Four Wheeler

All Indian carmakers have to now include airbags, speed warning systems and antilock brakes as part of their custom build. Today let us look at the features that we all want in our 4 wheeler but isn’t made mandatory yet. Inbuilt Navigation ... Continue reading

7 fuel efficient bikes in Indian roads

The buzz and buried work style of us Indians would have us opt for functionality rather than style. Fuel efficiency is indeed the biggest selling point of any 2 wheeler in the nation. From being stuck in traffic for hours on end and the minute by min... Continue reading

Fluctuating Price In Petrol & Diesel

5 cities have been chosen to continual change in petrol and diesel prices. These changes will be in accordance with the international rates as confirmed by the officials from oil marketing companies. The 5 cities are Puducherry Vishakapatnam Udaipur... Continue reading

Suzuki Rolls out 3 Million

Suzuki Motorcycle India has reached a milestone target by rolling out its 3 millionth vehicle. It was at its manufacturing station at Gurgaon, Haryana that Suzuki had achieved this feat. It was on April 17th that the official vehicle had been manufac... Continue reading

Beat the Summer Heat

The summers in Kerala have gotten worse as the passing years and we haven’t even reached the month of May yet. It is nearly impossible to be stuck in traffic in your car and not switch on the Air conditioning. The 2 wheelers would just swerve t... Continue reading

Top 10 Fastest Bikes in the World

Ever wondered the speeds a two wheeler could reach and why there aren’t any movies about them. I don’t know about the latter but here is an index of the fastest bikes in the world. In most cases fastest is also a synonym for the most expe... Continue reading

When the GOD Talks, You Listen

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration when I say that several cricket enthusiasts stopped watching the beautiful game of Cricket on November 16th 2013 when the Living Legend known as Sachin Tendulkar retired from all formats of the game. The humble el... Continue reading

Piaggio and Castrol Tie The Corporate Knot

In what can only be described as the coming together of heavy weights Castrol & Piaggio have associated themselves together. The agreement indicates that the exclusive supply of first fill engine oil for all of Piaggio’s two wheeler vehicle... Continue reading

A New Motor Vehicle Act

     The LokSabha of India has passed a Motor Vehicle Act to reduce the increasing traffic accidents in the nation. The Major Changes Introduced were In the case of a fatality during an accident the deceased is entitled to receiv... Continue reading

Royal Enfield 750

The Royal Enfield will forever be a fan favorite among the young generation in India. What could only be described as ’The comeback of the Millennium’ was what the manufacturers accomplished in the year 2012 when they came back strong aft... Continue reading

Benefits of Cycling

One of the few things in life which no human ever forgets is ‘how to ride a cycle’. It’s a sad reality that the older we get the less we use this wonderful gift. Today, let us discuss on the health benefits of riding a cycle. Build... Continue reading

The Song of A Two Stroke Engine

How many times have we identified a 2 stroke vehicle just from its emerging sound. But how many of us have actually pondered on why the 2 stroke engine makes more noise than its 4 stroke engine counterpart. Today let us discuss the mechanics that goe... Continue reading

The Royal Enfield Classic 500

The ever stylish Royal Enfield has set the stage with the all new Classic 500. There is no doubt that the retro look of the classic turns head anywhere it goes. The long exhaust and teardrop fuel tank will never go out of style. Let’s take a sn... Continue reading

Adonis Majestic

Asia’s largest Helmet manufacturer – Steelbird Hi-Tech has just released the ‘Adonis Majestic’ in targets to the youth of the nations. The new product comes in 8 base colors and 22 different designs. It sports a compact design... Continue reading

Ban on Liquor Outlets

India is always famous for sudden rules to be implemented. The demonetization, the porn ban are all prime examples of this. Following in those set a new rule has also surfaced. The Supreme Court has banned all liquor outlets within half a kilometer f... Continue reading

Black Beauty from the Great Father - Stolen

In a bizarre turn of events, 2 drunk college students who after the second show of the current block buster – Great Father  had broken into the Kochi film studio and stole 2 black Mitsubishi Pajeros, the same ones used in the movie. The tw... Continue reading

Clash of the Giants

 Harley Davidson has left no stone unturned in their marketing hype. They have released not 1 but 2 super weights in the same time in Indian markets - The Street Rod and the Street 750. Let us take a look at their compared stats.     ... Continue reading

The Unsafe Roads

Every big shot name in the automobile industry spends billions of dollars to set up their plant in our nation. A few more to upgrade the safety features of their products is the least they can provide. The GNCAP – leading crash test agency in t... Continue reading

Car of the Year 2017

Ever since 2005 since the introduction of the prestigious ‘Indian Car of The Year’ title came to be. Every big shot name in the automobile industry is looking to crown one of their products as the next. This year the honor fell to ‘... Continue reading

Tips To Beat The Summer Heat – Biker Edition

The current heat wave is the worst we have felt in decades and it promises to get even worse the coming years. The roads during the time frame of 10am – 5pm will make any one wish for a second they haven’t stepped out. Those who prefer a ... Continue reading

World’s Most Aerodynamic Vehicle

McLaren has always been world famous for its revolutionary vehicle design. There would hardly any on this earth who haven’t heard about the renowned manufactures. Their accolades speak for themselves. The British makers hope to outdo themselves... Continue reading

Jack Daniel Powered Two Wheeler

Jack Daniels and Indian Chieftain have ventured together for the second year and things could not be any better for their collaboration. They have joined hands to offer 100 limited edition motor vehicle units in the year of 2017. The worldwide bookin... Continue reading

A 11km Sunday Travelogue

Every Sunday morning starts off the same, a few miss calls, I revert to my friends who wants us to meet somewhere for lunch and the lunch plan at 1 gets delayed to 3. This Sunday venue was Sulaimanis (a small café at Kazhakootam). I wouldn&rsq... Continue reading

A Safe Night Drive

No matter how safe you drive in the road or how much experience you claim to possess, there is always a factor of ‘fear’ deep in your mind when you take your vehicle on the road at night. The fear comes not from your inability to drive w... Continue reading

Vehicle Tips for the Monsoon Season

Monsoon season is fast approaching us. Even though the rainfall has declines in recent years the casualties and accidents on the road has only increased during these rainy season. Here are some tips to keep us safe and also to increase the general co... Continue reading

Shubhayatra Campaign

The number of casualties and fatalities on the road has increased in the year 2016 when compared to previous years. The number of vehicles manufactured and sold has also increased. It is very evident that road safety has become a prime concern for th... Continue reading

Tips While Driving Your 4 Wheeler

The one thing that all generations in our beloved state follow is how well they take care of their 4 wheelers. But in most cases we tend to overlook the fundamentals. Here is a list of small features that most drivers do not pay attention to. The mo... Continue reading

Harley Davidson Street 750

March 15th would be a highlighted date in the calendar for most 2 wheeler enthusiasts in India. In its official Indian website the famous manufacturers- Harley Davidson have mentioned their plans on releasing the famous Harley Davidson Street 750 dur... Continue reading

Peugeot buys Ambassador

In what can only be described as an end of an era, India’s Hindustan Motors has sold its Ambassador to France’s Peugeot for just 80 Crores (12 Million Dollars). The 4 wheeler that was once coined as the ‘King of the Indian Roads&rsq... Continue reading

Tesla comes to India

The biggest Automobile Firm in the world – Tesla Automobiles is making their way to India this summer. This revelation came from a tweet by the genius himself, Elon Musk when asked about his arrival in India is. Tesla is world famous for its &l... Continue reading

Auto – Expo 2017

The New Indian Express has decided to launch its Auto –Expo in Kochi, Kerala. The Auto-expo has gained quite a bit of popularity in Tamil Nadu where it was conducted in several cities. This time the venue shifted down south and had a grand inau... Continue reading

Benefits of having Used Cars

The most important reason as far as I am concerned is that you can save a lot of money. You can opt for a bigger and better model vehicle given the budget. The possibilities open up even with a constraint budget in the case of used cars. I also know ... Continue reading

Helmet Mandatory for Pillion Rider

The new rule stating that helmets for all pillion riders have become mandatory in several cities in India. There is no doubt that the safety of riders have been taken in account for the implementation of this new rule. In Kerala this rule would have ... Continue reading

Two-wheelers to have Permanently lit Headlamps

The Central Government of India has initiated yet another ground breaking proposal for the vehicle users. Starting this April, 2017 all new two wheelers to be provided with an automatic headlamp (AHO). This is the same concept as daytime running lamp... Continue reading

Tips When Buying a Used Car

People are always negative in nature and so they will always advice against buying a used car. But with the right amount of research and guidance one can obtain great bargains on amazing cars for really affordable prices. Before going into the specs ... Continue reading

Used Vehicle Dilemma

  The older we get, there are very few things that we get to do for the first time, so when my friend bought a 4 wheeler from his saved salary amount it was an elated moment for him. The 2 weeks he spent doing research on all available models on... Continue reading

Mahindra e2o Plus Review, Test Drive

So far, the list of electric cars to buy in India has been fairly short. There’s the Mahindra e2o, but it’s quite small, has only three doors and a rather limited sub-100km range. The other option was the Mahindra eVerito, but that too wo... Continue reading

2017 New Honda City Review, Test Drive

Few cars have the ability to redefine segments, and even fewer have the potential to remain at the top of competition decade after decade. Ever since the car made its debut in India in 1998, the Honda City went on to gain a cult following and even af... Continue reading

Indian Roadmaster Review, Test Ride

Imagine a long stretch of highway, hot gusts of wind whipping up the tarmac left, right and centre, and you are perched on the saddle all comfy, protected from the elements, looking forward to the journey that lies ahead. You twist the throttle a lit... Continue reading

Isuzu D-Max V-Cross Review, Test Drive

The idea of pick-up trucks hasn’t really kicked off in India. That’s despite the fact that they offer great luggage lugging ability, have an SUV-like presence and can also carry two to four people in comfort. However, they probably come o... Continue reading

2016 Skoda Rapid review, test drive

Although the Rapid has been the bread-and-butter car for Skoda, the Honda City and Maruti Ciaz rivalling sedan has never been the de facto choice for car buyers in the segment. With this update though, the first major one since the car’s launch... Continue reading

Aprilia launches SR150 Race in Indian Market

Aprilia India has launched the SR150 Race in the Indian market at a premium price of INR 70,288. The motorcycle gets several cosmetic tweaks along with mechanical changes as well. The engine comes from the regular scooter and is a 154.8 cc motor that... Continue reading

Tata Hexa Review, Test Drive

However, Tata Motors’ fortunes started changing for the better with the HorizoNEXT product strategy and the carmaker witnessed a series of success with the Zest, Bolt and the Tiago. Riding high on the success of the HorizoNEXT strategy, Tata is... Continue reading

Hyundai Tucson Review, Test Drive

Much before the craze for SUV or anything in its form really caught up in India, Hyundai had forayed into the crossover-SUV segment with the Tucson. Despite being a compelling offering, the Tucson couldn’t find many homes, perhaps because it wa... Continue reading

Jeep Grand Cherokee Review, Test Drive

People in India still associate the word ‘Jeep’ to SUVs in general, or perhaps the model Mahindra has been selling here. While the M&M models originally are rebranded versions of old Jeeps, come this September, India is about to get t... Continue reading

Maruti Ignis Review, Test Drive

It is not easy for everyone to break away from the comfort zone and take unusual decisions. But, Maruti has done exactly that with the Ignis, which is a clear breakaway from the conventional automotive design. Built as a car for the millennials, the ... Continue reading

Triumph Bonneville T120 review, test ride

This may look like a bike straight out of classic movies of the 1950s, but have no doubt, this Bonnie is a proper 21st century motorcycle. Of course the retro brief hasn’t really changed even as the British bike maker introduced the fourth gene... Continue reading

Top 7 Sold Cards in 2016

With a large number of cars being released by several manufacturers every year in the Indian market, competition for a larger chunk in the sales pie has become fierce. Let us take a look on how fierce last year’s competition was  Alto 800 ... Continue reading

A4auto Ultimate Review – Honda Navi

Honda Navi – what is this? A scooter or a bike? This is one of the most common questions asked. It’s not every day that two-wheeler manufacturers take a chance to offer something completely out of the ordinary. And its days like this, whe... Continue reading

Faraday Future FF 91 unveiled

After years of anticipation, Faraday Future has revealed its planned production vehicle to the public. Billed as the FF 91, was unveiled at the 2017 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in the US.Nick Sampson, the company’s senio... Continue reading

Most Awaited Bikes in 2017

1) Bajaj Pulsar 200NS Expected price- Rs 90,000 Launch date- January 2017 Baja Auto might re- launch the 200NS, which was silently withdrawn from the market earlier. It is expected that the company will introduce the updated Pulsar200NS by January 20... Continue reading

Lamborghini Aventador S

May we humbly present to you the brand new Lamborghini AventadorS.It harnesses a 6.5-litre V12 now kicks out 730bhp - up from the ‘regular’ Aventador’s 691bhp. It kick starts from  0-62mph in 2.9s and onto a top speed of 217mph... Continue reading

Most awaited 2 wheelers in the coming year

  1. KTM Duke 2017 Street fighter bikes in India were taken to a next level when the KTM Duke 200 was launched in India 4 years ago. KTM then launched Duke 200’s cousin, the Duke 390 a year later. These bikes got such good feedback from th... Continue reading